Docket No. 24-23-TL Verizon Rhode Island

This Page Reflects Verizon Rhode Island Tariff Filings Submitted in CY 2024 

In Order No. 18550 and Order 19540, the Public Utilities Commission (Comission) approved a Settlement Agreement executed between Verizon Rhode Island and the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers.  In that Order the Commission approved the an Alternative Form of Regulation Plan that permitted Verizon with pricing flexibility.  In Order 19450,  the PUC ordered that Verizon's Alternative Regulation Plan approved by the Commission in Order No. 18550, shall remain in effect until further order of the Commission.  Pursuant to R.I. Gen. Laws §39-3-11, tariff changes proposed by Verizon Rhode Island will go into effect on the proposed effective date unless suspended by the Commission at an Open Meeting date.