Docket 3674 - Pawtucket Water Supply Board ("PWSB") - Application for approval of new rates designed to generate additional revenues in the amount of $3,540,101 or 22%

Status of docket: CLOSED; subject to further review of utility's compliance with the filing requirements mandated in Report and Order No. 18598.

The PUC issues Report and Order No. 18598 authorizing Pawtucket Water Supply Board to collect additional revenues of $1,259,117 to support a total cost of service of $17,874,873 (or 7.6%) effective for November 11, 2005. (5/5/06)

PWSB's Testimony/Memos/Post-hearing Brief in support of rate increase (date filed):

Division of Public Utilities' and Intervenors' Testimony and Post-hearing Brief (date filed):

Other Pleadings (date filed):