Docket 3675 - City of Newport Water Division - Application for approval of new rates designed to generate additional revenues in the amount of $1,852,451 or 23.3%

Status of docket: CLOSED; subject to further review of utility's compliance with the filing requirements mandated in Report and Order No. 18580.

The PUC issues Report and Order No. 18580 approving a Settlement Agreement entered by the parties, authorizing Newport Water to collect additional revenues of $1,513,407 or 20.48% to support a total cost of service of $9,284,455, effective 11/11/05. Written Order issued 4/28/06.

Newport Water's pleadings and testimony in support of rate increase (initial filing submitted 4/15/05):

Division of Public Utilities and Intervenors - Pleadings and Testimony: