Docket 3684 - Providence Water Supply Board ("PWSB") - Application for approval of new rates designed to generate additional revenues in the amount of $4,957,115 or 11.74%

The Public Utilities Commission issues Report & Order No. 18496 to Providence Water Supply approving a Stipulation & Settlement executed between the parties; and authorizing Providence Water to collect additional revenue of $4,065,347 and total revenue of $50,074,694 effective 1/1/06 (Order issued 1/11/06)

The PWSB, Division of Public Utilities and Kent County Water Authority entered into a Stipulation and Settlement resolving outstanding issues and settling to allow PWSB additional revenues of $4,065,347 or 8.84%a (11/10/05)

PWSB testimony and exhibits in support of rate increase (filed 6/30/05):

Division of Public Utilities' and Intervenor's Testimony, motions, pleadings, etc.: