Docket No. 3806 - Affordable Energy Plans filed by the Block Island Power Co. and the Pascoag Utility District

  1. To require all the utility plans to: (a) allow a customer to participate in the forgiveness plan with only a notice of termination; and (b) grant customers a 60 day grace period from the bill date to pay their bill and stay on the forgiveness plan.
  2. To approve National Grid's April 27, 2007 revised Plan.
  3. To approve BIPCO’S Plan as revised by the Division to limit BIPCO’s discount to distribution rates.
  4. To reject Pascoag’s request for an exemption and approve Pascoag’s Plan with the revision that the forgiveness plan be for all electric charges instead of only distribution.
  5. The forgiveness program would go into effect July 1, 2007.
  6. The discount program would go into effect November 1, 2007 and therefore, the utilities shall file tariff revisions at least 30 day prior to November 1, 2007.