Docket No. 3942 - Kent County Water Authority (KCWA) - General Rate Filing

Status of Docket: Closed.

Pleadings relating to KCWA's Miscellaneous Petition for Relief (filed 1/13/2016)

Pleadings relating to KCWA's Rate application to implement new rates to collect additional revenues in the amount of $5,464,566 or 35% filed on March 31, 2008

PUC issues Order No. 19545 authorizing Kent County Water Authority to collect addtiional revenues of $3,423,233 for a total cost of service of $19,782,031 and approves new rates effective November 1, 2008. Written Order issued 1/23/09.

Procedural Schedule - Evidentiary hearings are scheduled to commence on September 24, 2008; a public comment hearing will be held at the PUC's office at 7:00 P.M. , Thursday, July 10, 2008.

KCWA's filings/pleadings in support of its rate application:

Division of Public Utilities and Intervenors' Filings:

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