Docket No. 3961 - National Grid - Interim Gas Cost Recovery Filing (filed 5/23/08)

At Open Meeting held on July 9, 2008, the Commission approved (by Vote 2-1) to increase the Gas Cost Recovery (GCR) charges effective July 15, 2008 through October 31, 2008. The rate for a residential heating customer will increase 14.25¢ per therm. A residential heating customer uses about 87 therms from mid-July through October 31. The increase for a typical residential heating customer will be approximately $12.40 for the three and one-half month period through October 31.

PUC issues Order No. 19418 issued to National Grid approving the Company's interim GCR charges effective July 15, 2008. Written Order issued Septebmer 17, 2008.

The approved GCR charges are: $1.2269 per therm for Residential & Small C&I customers, $1.2260 per therm for Medium C&I customers, $1.2300 per therm for Large Low Load Factor C&I customers; $1.2039 for Large High Load Factor customers; $1.2269 for Extra Large Low Load Factor customers; and $1.1938 for Extra Large High Load Factor customers. The Natural Gas Vehicle rate is $0.9326 per therm.