Docket No. 4025 - City of Newport Water Division - Application for authority to implement new rates designed to generate additional revenues of $3,353,023 or 35.6% to support a total operating revenue requirement in the amount $12,754,756.

The impact of the proposal on rates will be an increase of 28.8%. (filed 12/9/08)

Report and Order(s):

II. Docket No. 4025-A - Filings submitted post Report and Order No. 19940 (September 2009 - present):

I. Docket No. 4025 - Filings related to the Newport Water's inital rate application and prior to the Report & Order No. 19940 (August 2009):

Procedural Schedule for the docket - Evidentiary hearings will commence on May 27, 2009; a public comment evening hearing will be held on March 26, 2009 in Newport City Hall, Newport, RI.

Notice of Hearing

Filings and pleadings submitted by the Newport Water Division

Newport Water Division's - Rate application, current & proposed rates and filing requirement in compliance with Section 2.9 of PUC rules. The application includes testimony and exhibits of the following witnesses:

Filings and pleadings submitted by the Division of Public Utilities and Intervenors:

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