Docket No. 4026 - Narragansett Bay Commission ("NBC") - Application for authority to implement new rates designed to generate additional revenues of $8,990,368 or 12.89% to support a total operating revenue requirement in the amount $78,751,850.

The impact of the proposal on rates will be an increae of 13.45%.

Status of Docket: Closed.

PUC issues Report & Order No. 19693 authorizing Narragansett Bay Commissin to collect additional revenues in the amount of $7,176,197 resulting in a cost of service of $76,937,679 effective for usage on and after July 1, 2009. Written Order issued 7/8/09.

PUC issues Order No. 199 approving NBC's compliance tarrifs. Written Order issued July 29, 2009.

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