Docket No. 4111 - National Grid - Review of Proposed Town of New Shoreham Project Pursuant to R.I.G.L. § 39-26.1-7 (filed October 15, 2009)

PUC issues Report & Order No. 19941 rejecting the Purchase Power Agreement between National Grid and Deepwater Wind Block Island. Written Order issued 4/2/10. Errata Order No. 19943 issued 4/5//10.

Motions to Intervene and Related Pleadings, and Withdrawal:

National Grid's Pre-Filed Testimony & Exhibits:

Deepwater Wind Block Island Pre-Filed Testimony & Exhibits:

Deepwater Wind Block Island LLC - Transmittal letter, testimony and exhitbits of the following witnesses in connection with the Purchase Power Agreement:

Division of Public Utilities and Carriers' Pre-Filed Testimony & Exhibits:

Intervernors' Pre-Filed Testimony & Exhibits:

Public Comment received by the following individuals:

Responses to Data Requests (Some responses are too voluminous and may not be available on this site but can be examined at the Commission Clerk's office)