Docket No. 4128 - City of Newport Water Division - Cost of Service Study and Rate Design Rate Filing (filed 11/2/09)

Status of Docket: Closed

Commission issues Order No. 20181 approving the parties' Settlement Agreement on Newport Water's application. Written Order issued 10/25/10.

Procedural Schedule for Docket. Evidentiary hearing was moved to June 8, 2010 to be held at the PUC's office.

The parties executed and filed a Settlement Agreement (6/1/10)

Testimony and pleadings subitted by City of Newport Water Division

On November 2, 2009, Newport Water Division filed a Cost of Service Study (COSS) and proposal to revised its current rates and charges based on the COSS. The proposed rates are designed to be cost of service based and revenue neutral to the utility. The utility filed the testimony and exhibits of the following witnesses in support of its application:

Testimony and pleadings submitted by the Division of Public Utilities and Intervenors

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