Docket No. 4171 - Pawtucket Water Supply Board ("PWSB")

Rate application seeking approval to implement revised rates designed to collect additional revenues in the amount of $2,611,923 or 15.6% to support total operating revenue requirement of $19,784,536 (filed 4/14/10)

Status of Docket: Closed.

Commission issues Report and Order No. 20376 granting Pawtucket Water Supply Board a revenue increase of $1,869,918, for a total cost of service of $19,672,868 effective January 1, 2011. Written Order issued 6/9/11.

Commission Order No. 20692 granting Pawtucket Water's Petition to Amend Mutli-Year Rate Plan and Amending Ordering Paragraph 4 of Order No. 20376. Written Order issued 4/9/12.

Pleadings in connection PWSB's Petition to Amend Multi-Year Rate Plan:

Pleadings in connection with PWSB's Rate Application prior to Report & Order (before January 2011):

Procedural Schedule

Notice of Hearing - Evidentiary hearing continued to November 9, 2010 @ 9:30 AM at PUC's office.

Pawtucket Water's rate includes the following testimony, schedules and filing requirement:

Division of Public Utilities & Carries - Testimony, Exhibits & Pleadings

Response to Data Requests & Record Requests