Docket No. 4451 - Narragansett Electric Co. d/b/a National Grid - 2014 Energy Efficiency Program Plan (EEPP) for Electric & Gas (filed November 1, 2013)

II.  Pleadings relating to Division of Public Utilities (Division) Motion to Set Aside Final Order, #21298 entered in this docket, due to admitted fraud upon the Commission Investigation in Docket 22-05-EE

I. Pleadings/Filings relating to 2014 Energy Efficiency Program (November 2014 - May 2015):

Notice of Hearing - scheduled December 11, 2013 @ 9:30 A.M.

Settlement of the Parties for approval of the National Grid's Energy Efficiency Program Plan for 2014 (“Settlement”) jointly submitted by National Grid, the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers ("Division'), The Energy Council of Rhode Island ("TEC-RI"), Environment Northeast ("ENE") and the subcommittee of the RI Energy Efficiency and Resource Management Council ("EERMC")

National Grid's Supplemental Filing concerning its 2014 Electric Energy Efficiency Program Plan (11/22/13)

National Grid's Supplemental Filing concerning its 2014 Gas Energy Efficiency Program Plan (11/26/13)

National Grid's Presentation of Annual Plan Overview of the 2014 EEPP - to be presented at the December 11 hearing.

Energy Efficiency and Resource Mgmt. Council's Cost Effectiveness Memorandum regarding National Grid’s Energy Efficiency and System Reliability Plans for 2014 (11/27/13)

People's Power & Light - Comments

National Grid's Summary of Retail Delivery Rates (Electric) - Compliance Tariffs effective January 1, 2014

PUC Order No. 21298 approving 1) National Grid's 2014 EEPP, as modified, and proposed EEP charge of $0.00911 per kWh in Docket 4451 effective January 1, 2104 and 2) National Grid's 2014 SRP Report and proposed SRP factor of $0.00004 per kWh in Docket 4453 effective January 1, 2014. Written Order issued 12/24/13.

National Grid's Electric and Gas Energy Efficiency Programs 2014 Quarterly Reports (4/2/15)

National Grid's 2014 Energy Efficiency Year-End Report (5/1/15)

Omnibus Objection to Division's January 19, 2024 Motions to Set Aside Final Order (1/29/24)


National Grid's Requests for Transfer of Funds filed with the Division:



NATIONAL GRID'S SRP FOR 2013 - DOCKET NO. 4467 (Relating to Tiverton Pilot Program)