Docket No. 4611 - Kent County Water Authority (KCWA) - Application To Implement A Multi-Year Rate Plan Through A Three Step Increase Pursuant To R.I.G.L. § 39-15.1-4 (filed 4/7/16)

Status of Docket: Closed.

PUC Order No. 23343 approving the Settlement Agreement executed by the Kent County Water Authority and the Division on December 6, 2016 authorizing additional revenue requirements and approving revised rates effective January 1, 2017.. Written Order issued 11/26/18.

Kent County Water's - Compliance Filings & Reports:

Filings in connection the Step Two Increase of the Multi-Year Rate Filing Plan (submitted 10/27/17):

Filings in connection with Step One of the Multi-Year Rate Filing Plan (submitted 4/7/2016):

Responses to Data Requests: