Docket No. 4935 - The Narragansett Electric Co. d/b/a National Grid's 2020 Standard Offer Service (SOS) Procurement Plan and 2020 Renewable Energy Standard (RES) Procurement Plan (filed March 1, 2019)

National Grid's SOS Reconcilition Quarterly Reports:

Compliance Reports and Filings Relating to National Grid's 2020 Renewable Energy Standard (RES) Charge & Reconciliation, including RES Summary of Bids Reports:

Compliance Filings Relating to National Grid's Proposed SOS Rates in Compliance w/ Approved 2020 SOS Procurement Plan pursuant to PUC Order No. 23648 and Open Meeting Decision on June 12, 2019. Also, includes Bids and Transaction Confirmations:

Link to 2019 SOS & RES Procurement Plans and Rates - Docket No. 4809