Docket No. D-10-36

Status of Docket: Closed

Pursuant to R.I.G.L § 39-26.1, National Grid filed on June 7, 2010, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) executed between National Grid and Rhode Island LFG Genco, LLC for the procurement of a commercially reasonable long-term contract for a newly developed renewable energy resource fueled by landfill gas from the central landfill in the town of Johnston. The PPA is subject to review and certification by the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers (DPUC), Dept. o Administration (DOA), Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and Office of Energy Resources (OER).

The Division of Public Utilities and Carriers hereby gives Notice of Opportunity to Offer Written Comment on the proposed PPA. Interested persons wishing to offer written comments on this matter, to any or all of the four (4) State agencies identified herein, may do by submitting their written comments in person, or by addressing their written comments to the attention of Ms. Luly Massaro, Division Clerk, Division of Public Utilities and Carriers, 89 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick, Rhode Island 02888. Kindly specify the desired agency or agencies to which you are submitting your comments. Also, in order to be considered by the DPUC, DOA, EDC and/or OER, all written comments must be received at the foregoing address by June 23, 2010.

The Service List shall accompany each filing filed with the Division in the above proceeding, when service is required to be made. Additionally, please submit the filing in pdf format via e-mail delivery to Service List.

Initial Filing

On June 15, 2010 RI LFG Genco, LLC filed In Re: Long Term Contracting Standard for Renewable Energy - Determination of Whether the "Town of Johnston Project" Ought to be Certified by the Rhode Island Division of Public Utilities and Carriers, the Rhode Island Department of Administration, the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation, and the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, Pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws, Section 39-26-1-9.

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Certification Decisions

Division Issues Certification Decision July 1, 2010

RI Department of Administration Certification (July 6, 2010)

RI Economic Development Corporation Certification (July 6, 2010)

RI Office of Energy Resources Certification (July 7, 2010)

Division PPA Transmittal Letter (July 9, 2010)

Data Requests and Data Responses

Additional Filings