Docket No. D-17-28

Rules and Regulations for Telephone Operator Service Providers in Rhode Island (Repeal)


Notice - Public Comment period starts June 29, 2017 (Comments Accepted through July 31, 2017)

Second Notice: This notice is the second notice of public comment period in Docket D-17-28 and is necessitated by provisions of R.I. Gen Laws § 42-35-4 which establishes a 180 day period after the close of public comment within which the final rules must be filed with the Secretary of State. Since the final rules were not filed with the Secretary of State within the 180 days following July 31, 2017, the law requires that this rulemaking be re-initiated. Date of Notice: January 31, 2018 Public Comment Period Ends: March 5, 2018

Report and Order (Issued April 9, 2018)