Emergency Fuel Surcharge

Emergency Fuel Surcharge - February 2024

The average price of fuel for the month of January as determined in accordance with Division rules, was $3.057/gallon for Regular Unleaded Gasoline and $4.225/gallon for Diesel Fuel. Accordingly, the following fuel surcharges are approved for the month of February.



In accordance with Division’s Report and Order 24243, an emergency fuel surcharge for non-consensual tows performed in the month of February 2024 is hereby authorized at $3.00 per tow.


A surcharge of $0.00 per metered fares $10.00 and under and $0.00 for metered fares over $10.00 is in effect.


A fuel cost threshold of $1.20 per gallon has been met. Accordingly, ferry companies are eligible to apply for an appropriate surcharge based on the ridership and fuel data required by Report and Order 16701.