Competitive Natural Gas Suppliers - Q&A

Can I obtain natural gas from a supplier other than National Grid?

Yes, if you are a commercial or industrial customer, but no if you are a residential customer. Competitive gas supply had previously only been available to larger commercial and industrial users, but is now being made available to all commercial customers. Click here for a list of gas marketers certified in Rhode Island.

If I choose a competitive supplier, will I end my business relationship with my current distribution company?

No, the competitive supplier is responsible for the energy cost portion of your bill. You will remain a National Grid customer, but for only for “transportation services”, that is, the cost of delivering gas to your business.

What should I consider in selecting a competitive supplier?

As with any contract, you should do your homework and fully research the terms of the proposed agreement. Some factors to consider are, whether the prices quoted are fixed or variable, whether there are minimum bill amounts and whether there are any early termination fees. You may also look into the company's customer service mechanism.

What Information should I have to make the best choices?

You should know the current, and when applicable, the proposed rates offered by National Grid (rate summary). Typically, National Grid rates are updated annually with an effective date of November 1. The proposed rates are filed with the Commission and Division on or before September 15.

Could I be charged a billing adjustment by National Grid after selecting a competitive supplier?

You may see an additional charge, or possibly, a credit. The answer to this question is based in deferred gas cost. The price charged for gas supply is based on projected cost over a period of time, typically a one-year period starting November 1. If you choose a competitive supplier, National Grid will calculate the difference between the price you paid for the gas supply and the actual cost of that gas. If the cost is less, you will receive a credit for the difference. If the cost is more, you will be billed for that amount.

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