Water FAQ's

Why am I receiving estimated billings?

Estimated billings are due to the water utility not obtaining actual meter readings from your property. This may occur due to malfunctioning meters, faulty outside reading devices, or outdated meters that can not be read externally will lead to estimated meter readings. Customers whom receive estimated billings should contact their water utility and request to have their meter replaced with a remote read meter . This should eliminate estimated water billings.

Why has my water bill unusually high for this period?

There are a few reasons why your water bill is unusually high. The number one reason for most customers with this problem is a leaking toilet. This is the worst cause for a high water bill. The following are a few things to check for:

  • You might hear what sounds like your toilet flushing all the time. What is happening is the water in the back tank is not stopping below the overflow. This means that the float and valve needs to be replaced.
  • In the back of the tank, there is a black flapper. If the flapper does not sit properly after flushing, water will continue to flow through the toilet and into the sewer system. If the flapper is worn or cracked, it should be replaced.
  • Check the entire home for leaks. Most meters have leak detectors that will continue to spin if leaks are present anywhere within the property. If you find the leak detector spinning and you cannot find the cause of the leak, a licensed plumber should be called.
  • You may receive a high bill due to estimated reads. If you have been estimated for several quarters but have been using more water than was estimated, you will eventually receive a "catch-up" bill which may be unusually high.