Docket No. 4288

Docket No. 4288 - RI Office of Energy Resources' (OER) Report and Recommendation Regarding Classes and Ceiling Prices submitted pursuant to "The Distributed Generation (DG) Standard Contracts Act"

The genesis of this docket began with enactment of the Distributed Generation Standard Contracts Act (“Act”), which the Legislature passed on June 29, 2011, R.I.G.L. §39-26.2-1 et seq., for the purpose of encouraging the development of distributed renewable energy generation systems, and realizing the benefits derived from distributed generation, such as economic development and reduced carbon emissions. The Act requires and delegates the RI Office of Energy Resources ("OER") to establish renewable energy classes, set renewable energy class targets and proposed ceiling prices for each class of distributed generation on an annual basis.

Click on the following links to view information regarding OER's Report and Recommendation Regarding the Classes and Ceiling Prices for the respective years 2012 and 2013 pursuant to the Act:

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