Docket No. 4277

Docket No. 4277 - National Grid Distributed Generation ("DG") Enrollment Application and Enrollment Process Rules

The genesis of this docket began with enactment of the Distributed Generation Standard Contracts Act (“Act”), which the Legislature passed on June 29, 2011, R.I.G.L. §39-26.2-1 et seq., for the purpose of encouraging the development of distributed renewable energy generation systems, and realizing the benefits derived from distributed generation, such as economic development and reduced carbon emissions. 

The Act defines “distributed generation facility” as a newly developed renewable energy resource…with a nameplate capacity no greater than 5 MW using eligible renewable energy resources…and connected to an electrical power system owned, controlled or operated by the electric distribution company. The Act defines “distributed generation project” as a distinct installation of a distributed generation facility and requires National Grid to enter into standard contracts for 40 MW of distributed generation projects by December 31, 2014.   Forty (40) megawatts is the cumulative nameplate capacity of distributed generation standard contracts the Company is required to enter into by year 2014.  According to the Act, the Company must fulfill the 40 MW requirement by engaging in three (3) standard contract enrollments per year until 2014, provided that in 2011, the Company need only conduct one (1) enrollment.  The Company must gradually increase its nameplate capacity of new distributed generation standard contracts each year beginning in 2011 with a 5MW requirement and increasing to 20MW in 2012, 30MW in 2013 and 40MW in 2014. On November 21, 2012, National Grid filed proposed DG Enrollment Application and Process The Rules establish an application process and procedures governing the solicitation of distributed generation contracts consistent with the Act. 

Click on the following links to view National Grid’s DG Enrollment and Process Rules for annual DG Standard Contract Enrollments for the respective year 2012 and 2013.  It includes compliance filings and reports providing the aggregate amount of project nameplate capacity and pricing of the DG contracts awarded for the respective DG Enrollment period.

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