Docket No. 4255 - United Water Rhode Island - Rate application to collect additional operating revenue of $1,218,702 to support a total cost of service of $4,077,004 (filed 6/3/11)

Status of Docket: Closed.

Commission issues Report and Order No. 20782 authorizing United Water to collect additional operating revenues of $941,834 for a total cost of service of $3,817,598 and approving new rates effective January 12,. 2012. Wirtten Order issued 8/1/12.

Procedural Schedule for Docket

Notice of Public Hearings - Public hearing on 9/16/11 @ 6:00 PM at Town of South Kingstwon, Wakefield, RI. Evidentiary hearing commences on 1/10/12 at PUC's offices.

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