Docket No. 23-23-NG

Docket Relating to Narragansett Electric Co. d/b/a Rhode Island Energy's Proposed 2023 Distribution Adjustment Clause Filing and 2023 Gas Cost Recovery Charge Filing 

Public Utilities Commission (PUC):

Rhode Energy's Filings:

I. RI Energy's 2023 Distribution Adjustment (DAC) Filing:

II. RI Energy's Gas Cost Recovery (GCR) Filings:

III. RI Energy Responses to Data Requests:

IV.  RI Energy's Compliance Monthly & Semi-Annual Reports:

Division of Public Utilities and Carriers (Division)


Link to RI Energy's 2023 Distribution Adjustment Clause Docket No. 22-13-NG
Link to RI Energy's 2022 Gas Cost Recovery Docket No. 22-20-NG